RAW Classic Connoisseur Kingsize Wholesale Full Box

RAW Classic Connoisseur Kingsize Wholesale Full Box

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RAW Classic Kingsize Slim Papers + Tips, Cigarette Rolling Papers Full Box 24 Booklets 

RAW natural unbleached rolling papers are a purer and less processed rolling paper unlike anything that you have ever seen or smoked before. They are 100% chlorine free and 100% vegan.

Because they contain a blend of unbleached and non-chemically whitened  fibres, the paper is a natural tan colour and so thin that you can see  through it. Each paper is watermarked, which helps prevent runs and  maintains the smooth even-burning characteristics that Raw Papers are  known for.  

Enjoy your favourite smoke in it's purest form, try RAW Natural Rolling Papers and experience the amazing difference.

RAW contains a hybrid blend of unrefined (not chlorine bleached) fibres. These are the purest natural fibres

RAW papers use a natural hemp-based gum. This unique gum sticks very  well and is eco-friendly. Each leaf is watermarked with our proprietary run-preventing watermark.  This criss-cross imprint allows the paper to burn slow and evenly.

Size: 110mm x 44mm,

Booklets: 24 packs in one box. 

Brand RAW
Feature Connoisseur classic kingsize rolling papers, full box 24 booklets.

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