Glass Bong Large Double Percolator 20″/50cm


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Brand; Smoke Island

Type; Smoking Bong

Materiel; Glass

Size; 20″ (50cm)

Pack of 1pcs

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Premium glass material made large size glass bong.

Double Tree Percolator, Ice Notches, a Slide Mouthpiece and a cushy Double 3-Slit Diffusor Drop Pipe, this Glass Bong has simply amazing functionality and you can enjoy your bong knowing that all the nastiness is being filtered out.

Although it feels quite tight it is very easy to clear especially once water is added. Just upon picking up this Bong, you can feel the quality in the weight, the glass is extra thick and it is clear that no corners were cut during the manufacturing process; all of the joints are strong and stable.

Using this Glass Bong is really easy, simply add water from the top of the bong until the diffusers in the percolator are covered and the water reaches just above where the drop pipe sits, fill your bowl with herbs, light the bowl and start drawing. Once the herbs are fully combusted pull the bowl out and inhale.

This bong is suited to any level of bong user, whether you’ve amassed a whole collection of bongs and have been enjoying them for years, or you’ve already dabbled with This Glass Percolator Bong is a superb choice for anybody who wants to enjoy their herbs without the nastiness that tobacco can bring.

This Glass Ice Bong not only functions exceptionally well, it also is truly a gorgeous work of art that is great on the eyes. Although this bong is clear (see-through) it has an iridescent effect which is truly unique for a glass bong.

A 14.5mm Glass Bowl is included so all you’ll need to do is grab yourself a pack of 10mm Steel Gauze (50p for 5) and you’ll be good to go upon receiving your parcel. Glass Bong also qualifies.

Size : 20″ / 50cm
Double percolator and ice pinched glass bong.
Colour may be vary.

Packaged Quantity : 1pcs

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 50 cm

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