Permanent Match Box Keyring Holder Windproof Cigarette Fuel Lighters


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  • Brand – SX4
  • Colour – Silver
  • Size – 1.5 inches (4cm)
  • Type¬† – Lighter
  • Pack of 1pcs





In stock


Everlasting match lighters.Fills with lighter fluid (same fuel as a zippo)Ideal for festivals and camping.

Refillable.With a flint side, the spark is made by running the striker down the flint.Makes a wind resistant flame

This is a silver coloured metal lighter which is designed to work like a box of matches. There are 2 parts to it:

1) The rectangular box part that you strike the match on and that contains the lighter fluid.

2) The match part is a metal strike device which creates a spark and ignites a wick on the end of the match.

The match part screws into the box part for easy storage and so that the wick is soaked with lighter fluid so it lights every time. Its refillable with ordinary lighter fluid and can be lit 1000’s of times. You strike the match on the side of the box part. How clever is that!

Measures only 1.5 inches (4cm) in length and width and is so small it will fit in your wallet, purse, handbag or pocket comfortably. It also has a key-ring attachment. It is also light in weight.

Great for outdoor pursuits like camping, fishing, hunting etc.


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