Pocket Ashtray Portable Smoking Cigarette Ash Pouch


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  • Brand – SX4
  • Product Name: Ashtray Bag
  • Material: Made of high-quality EVA and fire/thermal insulation materials
  • Size: 8 * 8cm
  • Pack : 01 pcs

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The pocket ashtray is reusable and easy to clean or wipe after use. Mini ashtray bag with special design and tight seams
Seal, don’t worry about the smoke smell.
It is very suitable for outdoor travel and hiking. Camping or in the car, you can throw cigarette butts into your mini bag instead of throwing them away
To prevent environmental pollution or be fined for throwing cigarette butts.
Pocket ashtrays can be given as gifts to smokers’ friends, relatives, or business partners.
Parameter: None
Accessories list: 1x leather 1 random ashtray bag/1x leather 6 ashtray bags
Other instructions: “How to use our ashtray
1. Put the lit cigarette into the bag (without removing it)
2. Close the bag and secure it with a snap fastener
3. After filling, empty and rinse.
4. Be careful; If the shell or foil is damaged, please stop using it.

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