RAW Black Classic 1¼ Size Cigarette Rolling Papers


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  • Brand –  RAW
  • Type –  Rolling Paper
  • Paper Type –  Black Classic
  • Dimensions – 78mm x 44mm
  • Paper Size – 1¼
  • Paper Weight – 13.5 g/m²
  • Leaves per Book – 32
  • Books per Box – 24


In stock


RAW BLACK Classic Standard Rolling Papers are double pressed for super thin for finest rolling papers.

These rolling papers are made up of 100% chlorine-free, unbleached plant fibers with natural tree sap gumline which results in an ultra-thin natural paper.

Every paper has a crisscross pattern all over, which avoids runs and maintains smooth burns.

Made by Artisans from Alcoy in Spain these totally natural papers offer the discerning smoker a simple choice,

RAW Rolling papers unbleached and unrefined or chlorinated rolling papers full of chemicals.

The choice is clear choose RAW rolling papers for a totally natural paper. RAW also has there own exclusive cross-pattern watermark, which minimises runs and odd burning of the papers.

Hold these beautifully translucent papers up to the light and you see the honey-golden brown natural colour of these rolling papers criss crossed with their patent pending watermark!

A true artisan rolling paper in every sense of the word with over 100 years of history poured lovingly into every packet of natural rolling papers produced.

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