Smoke Island Large Double Tree Dome Glass Bong 18″/45cm


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Brand; Smoke Island

Type; Glass Bong

Material; Glass

Size; 18″ (45cm)

Pack of 1pcs

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Premium glass material made large size glass bong.

Smoke Island glass bong, who produce some of the best bongs for those who want quality on a budget. Glass Bong is made from 9mm thick borosilicate glass and measures in at a massive 480mm tall. This bong is not recommended for beginners and is instead more suited to those with experience in larger pieces of glassware. It comes with its own reducing drop pipe and bowl, both made of quality glass with gorgeous coloring.

Smoke Island is a hefty beaker base bong with a large chamber at the bottom, which helps with stability which is needed with a bong as tall as this. There is plenty of capacity to add water to this glass percolator bong, just make sure the bottom of the drop pipe is covered. As the smoke is pulled through the piece, it will travel upwards to ward the double stacked 8 arm percolators. These powerful percs will smooth the smoke out, filtering out impurities as it is forced through the tiny slits in the glass stems.

Above these percolators sits a splash guard to protect you from bong water splashing up near the mouthpiece. Chuck some ice cubes in the top through the mouthpiece and they will be caught by the ice traps, suspending them in the neck of the bong to chill the smoke down to cooler, more manageable temperatures. The slide mouthpiece is comfortable to use with no sharp edges, for an enjoyable bong,

Size : 18″ / 45cm
Umbrella double percolator and ice pinched glass bong.
Colour may be vary.

Packaged Quantity : 1pcs

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 45 cm

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