SX4 Bong Water Pipes 14mm GH44 12″


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Brand; SX4

Type; Bubble Base Glass Bong

Size; 12″ (30cm)

Pack of 1pcs


In stock


SX4 glass water pipes bong with 14mm female joint piece,

Dry herb Clear Glass bong measures only 30 cm / 12 inches in height and features a bubble base that sits on the stable circular foot. The bong is equipped with a 14mm ground joint and a removable downstem with attached herb bowl.

The bubbly smoke is pulled through the submerged downstem for cooling as it diffuses in the roomy bubble shaped base before being pulled up the bent neck and out of the rimmed mouthpiece. This process results in a smoother, cooler hit that’s full of flavor and less harsh on the throat and lungs then a standard dry pipe. The mini bong also features a carb hole for extra control of your hits.

This affordable  bong is small enough for easy transport and its lightweight build makes it ideal for sharing quick tasteful hits with friends.

This simple bubble base mini bong is crafted from clear borosilicate glass and the upper neck is decorated with colorful tattoo style decal that reads: Dedicated to the one I love. Check out our complete collection of bongs, bubblers and hand pipes available .

Size : Approx 12″

Clear glass water pipe with company logo printed on the top head.

Standard size hand held glass bong.

Packaged Quantity : 1

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