Royal Blunts Hemp Rolls Cali Fire

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  • These Royal Blunts Hemparillo wraps are made from the finest European hemp to give you a smooth slow burning smoke. 
    These hemp wraps are also totally tobacco and nicotine free.
  • All natural Hemp blunt wraps.
  •  Flavour : Sweets
  •  100% Hemp.
  •  Tobacco Free.
  •  Full box of 15 packs.Each pack of 4 Blunts

A tobacco free product.
All natural hemp blunt wraps.

  • Flavour : Sweets
  • 15 packs per box.
  • Each pack of 4 Blunts.
  • 100% Hemp.
  • Tobacco Free.
  • Foil Wrapped for Freshness.
  • Resealable Ziplock Pack.
  • Duty Paid & Fully UK Compliant.

Full box of 15 packs.

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